**Note**  You can only win 1 time with in a 30 day period for Name That Tune and any Ticket Give-a-Ways including phone and facebook contests!  Birthday & Cattleman Winners excluded.  GOOD LUCK!

El Jimador and Wings/American Pie Cafe Winners!

Certificates from El Jimador Mexican Grill, The American Pie Cafe, Taco Johns and Maidrite.

Birthday Winner Anniversary Winner
Wings Winners: El Jimador Winners: Wings Gift Certificates: American Pie Cafe Gift Certificates:
Briley Schechinger Karla Lemon Chuck and Kim Leinen Ray and Rita Seaman
Jack Buman Charles and Delores Erlbacher Larry and Charlene Frederick James and Cheryl Juhl
Paula Silvester Jenny Weisenborn Dale and Mauree Feser Lamont and Shelly Christensen
Connie Ahrenholtz Dale and Sara Fink Mike and Stacy Frederick
Dillion Frederick Linda Kappala Chase Thraen Kelly and Julie Juhl
Craig Brich Don Bruck Matt Swenson Corey and Jessica Carter
Amy Barrett Bill and Dawn Winnett   Tom and Lisa Conry
Noah Stout Wendy Nowatzke   Bob and JoAnn Koesters
Ann Pauley Penny Nelson  
Chad Liechti Ronda Jansen  
Katie Smith Kevin and Shirley McConnell   Scott and Denise Assman
Nicole McClain - 9/18 Connie Herrington   Becky and Nathan Dieken
  Troy Nowatzke
  Jeff and Penny Nelson - 9/18

KNOD Name That Tune Winners!

This week's sponsoring businesses is : McCurdy's Pumpkin patch in Atlantic!!!
June August September
3 Joe Tunender-Pizza Ranch 1 Kathy Tremel-The Gold Slipper 1 Denise Vandeberg -Egg Krate
4 Julie Juhl-Pizza Ranch 2 Kristi Thielen-The Gold Slipper 5 Preston Nelson-Pizza Ranch
5 Ray Book-Pizza Ranch 3 Isaac Bruck-The Gold Slipper 6 Barney Arkfeld-Pizza Ranch
6 Maxine Book-Pizza Ranch 4 Karen Bruck-The Gold Slipper 7 Laurie Wilwerding-Pizza Ranch
7 Rick Kristoffersen-Pizza Ranch 7 Krissa Bruck- Pizza Ranch
Terry Gordon- Plan B Bar and Grill
8 Pam Grudle -Pizza Ranch
10 Lisa Schultz-St. Joe's Parish Picnic Chicken Dinner 8 J
ohn Carlo -Pizza Ranch
Brayton Schechinger - Plan B Bar and grill
11 Kayla Tremel-Myrtue Auxiliary 
11 Barb McDermott-St. Joe's Parish Picnic Chicken Dinner 9 Pam Hendricks-Pzza Ranch
Julie Schechinger- Plan B Bar and Grill
12 Shirley Schaben-Myrtue Auxiliary
12 Mary Tremel-St. Joe's Parish Picnic Chicken Dinner 10 Kirk Petersen- Pizza Ranch
Pete Gross-Plan B bar and Grill
13 Craig Gruhn-Myrtue Auxiliary
13 Jacob Bruck-St. Joe's Parish Picnic Chicken Dinner 11 Ron Schaben- Pizza Ranch
Kelsey Bruck- Plan B Bar and Grill
14 Sue Graeve-Myrtue Auxiliary
14 Jim Stanley-St. Joe's Parish Picnic Chicken Dinner 14 Lori Stitz-Cyclone Lanes
John Murtaugh-Victoria Station
15 Craig Hacker-Myrtue Auxiliary
17 David Harris-St. Mary's Picnic Chicken Dinner 15 Dale Wehr-Cyclone Lanes
Drew Armentrout-Victoria Station
18 Gayla Gross-McCurdy's Pumpkin Patch
18 Shelley Schaben-St Mary's Picnic Chicken Dinner 16 Michelle Erickson-Cyclone Lanes
Tonie Anderson-Victoria Station
19 Mary Arkfeld-McCurdy's Pumpkin Patch
19 Kaden McDermott-St. Mary's Picnic Chicken Dinner 17 Ben Dollen-Cyclone Lanes
Sue Schneider-Victoria Station
20 Dan Rihner-McCurdy's Pumpkin Patch
20 Janice Schmidt-St. Mary's Picnic Chicken Dinner 18 Pete Turner-Cyclone Lanes
Greg Roecker-Victoria Station
21 Brett Weldon-McCurdy's Pumpkin Patch
21 Jen Woodman-St. Mary's Chicken Dinner 21 Heath Richards-Treynor Java Supply 22

Jennifer Woodman-McCurdy's Pumpkin Patch
24 Hannah Tunender-Egg Krate
Spencer McDermott-Waspy's Truckstop
22 Casey McGurren-Treynor Java Supply
25 -Egg Krate
25 Cale Woodman-Egg Krate
Colepeyn Woodman-Waspy's Truckstop
23 Karl Albertsen-Treynor Java Supply 26 -Egg Krate
26 Lori Knudson-Egg Krate
Michael Turner-Waspy's Truckstop
24 Alan Reining-Treynor Java Supply 27 -Egg Krate
27 Sandy Carroll-Egg Krate
Ben Carol-Waspy's Truckstop
25 Lynn Dargin-Treynor Java Supply 28 -Egg Krate
28 Sheila Mikkelsen-Egg Krate
Denise Kloewer-Waspy's Truckstop
28 Jill Tunender - Egg Krate in Elk Horn 29 -Egg Krate
31 Roger Larson-The Gold Slipper 29 Wendy Nowatzke-Egg Krate    
    30 Roger Larson-Egg Krate    
    31 Robert Jensen -Egg Krate